23 April 2017
     The 22nd Annual Congress of APBMT 2017

We are delighted to welcome you to the congress of the APBMT in Tehran, Iran, 2017.

The Asia-Pacific Blood and Marrow Transplantation Group (APBMT) is an international organization which is involved in hematological stem cell transplantation, sharing their information and cooperating with basic and clinical research in Asia-Pacific countries.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the next APBMT2017 conference which will be held in Tehran, Iran next year. The APBMT conference is a great opportunity to bring together scolars from the asia pacific region to communicate and exchange ideas in order to improve the outcome of HSCT. We are honored to have invited well-known and esteemed scientists whose work, research and efforts need no introduction.

Our research institute actively involved in arranging important national and international conferences in hematology oncology and stem cell transplantation such as APBMT conference which was held in Tehran in 2004 and APCC conference in 2007.

The 22nd Annual Congress of APBMT 2017 is held at the Espinas Palace Hotel Conference Hall from 28 to 30 October 2017.

We are looking forward to meeting you next year in Tehran.